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Welcome to the Walmer Vet home page.

The aim of this page is to give you some insight into the philosophy and principles at Walmer Vet.

We are proud members of SAVA

To get the most out of veterinary science one cannot only look at the clinical facts obtained from examining the animal alone. The synergism created when the owner, the vet and the animal all becomes part of the problem solving process has huge advantages. We therefore believe that it is imperative that we have an individual relationship with each of our clients and their pets/animals. It makes a holistic approach to problem solving much easier and more attainable. We therefore encourage our clients to see the vet(s) of their choice during consultations, especially where follow-up consultations are needed. 

This, however, is only possible at a practice where staff turnover is low, and where the practice strikes a balance between having enough vets to cope with the work load, and having too many so that this individual approach is no longer possible. The same scenario is true for the rest of our staff – we want our clients to feel part of our practice, and feel at home with people that they know and trust. 

It will come as no surprise that the four vets at Walmer Vet have been there for an accumulative total of more than seventy years, with most of the reception staff and hospital staff unchanged for the past fifteen years. 

It is a humbling realisation that some of our clients have been with the practice longer than ourselves (Walmervet was established in 1964), and we find it especially rewarding that the boys and girls of yesterday often become clients of tomorrow. 

We hope and trust that we will meet your expectations at Walmer Vet. Please be assured of our best service at all times.



Notice board

Please note - Since lockdown our formal consulting hours finishes at 17h30 on week days. Please contact us should you have the need for a later appointment between 17h30 and 18h00.

Let asseblief daarop dat  konsultasie  tye op weeksdae om 17h30 eindig in plaas van 18h30 sedert die aanvang van Inperking. U kan egter skakel om n afspraak tussen 17h30 en 18h00 te maak sou dit nodig wees.

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